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Social Innovation in Myanmar


The challenge

Scale up and achieve sustainability of high-quality HIV prevention and treatment services in Myanmar, with testing and treatment for those co-infected with Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis

The solution
4 design sprints co-designing and prototyping solutions together with patients, local NGOs and health care providers

The impact
A one-stop-shop in Yangon, a game to educate the younger generation on sexual health & birth spacing and the launch of a social enterprise for social change

Geneva Global


The challenge

Create new service ideas for our clients as a first ideation exercise to embed design thinking in the organisation’s way of working

The solution
A one day workshop with 40 professionals across 8 teams to go from client problems and desires to more than 50 concrete concepts for possible new value adding services

The impact
Design thinking was kicked off within the organisation. We identified a couple of ambassadors to pull the change forward and were able to define a roadmap on how to build the capability

The people behind it

Philippe De Ridder

Board of Innovation

Curious to know who are the faces behind Meet the team!

Nick Bogaert

Business Designer Board of Innovation

Yin Lei Zhang

Human Centered Designer
Board of Innovation

Shervin Fekri

Social Innovation Lead 

Board of Innovation

The not-for-profit arm is the not-for-profit arm of Board of Innovation. We're not a corporate social responsability initiative. We're a cross-disciplinary, sustainable team that works at cost to innovate with those who need it most. 

We leverage the network and expertise of Board of Innovation. Board of Innovation is a global innovation agency on a mission to help corporate clients to innovate like startups, and to develop sustainable new revenue streams.

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