About the Innovation Toolkit

Over the past years, we’ve designed incubators & accelerators  for many market leaders across the globe. We developed and finetuned a vast array of tools to boost creativity & to foster innovation.

We noticed that initiatives supporting entrepreneurship in the Global South either didn't have access to these tools or to the expertise needed to make the most out of them. 

The Innovation Toolkit, is a free digital toolkit that we tailor for incubators & accelerators in the Global South and for education or development projects geared towards innovation & entrepreneurship.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a thriving entrepreneurial eco-system can help drive  the sustainable growth  necessary to build more open, inclusive societies. 

Our future, where people are

Positive about the world as it could be,
in seeking the non-obvious,
in getting things done.

Free tools and techniques for social innovators

Download our selection of 5+ Business Models with a social impact.

Each example comes with a clear visualization of the business model 

+ detailed info about the company and their innovations 🚀 

We want to empower as many individuals as possible to make a positive change in the world. 

That's why we share for free our favorite Innovation Tools, 

trusted by leading institutes and Fortune500 corporates. 

We don’t believe in top down projects, we do believe in empathising and co-designing solutions

The people behind it

Curious to know who are the faces behind Meet the team!

Philippe De Ridder

Board of Innovation

Nick Bogaert

Social Innovation Lead
Board of Innovation

Yin Lei Zhang

Human Centered Designer
Board of Innovation

Shervin Fekri

Business Designer
Board of Innovation

The not-for-profit arm is the not-for-profit arm of Board of Innovation. We're not a corporate social responsibility initiative. We're a cross-disciplinary, sustainable team that works at cost to innovate with those who need it most.

We leverage the network and expertise of Board of Innovation. Board of Innovation is a global innovation agency on a mission to help corporate clients to innovate like startups, and to develop sustainable new revenue streams.

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